Software Required

This page documents setting up the development tools required on a Windows workstation.


To develop your own firmware application requires:

1. Software tools:

  • Interactive Development environment (Microchip MPLAB IDE) in which you write your C language program.  (Note that you can also use Eclipse instead of MPLAB as your IDE as documented )
  • Compiler to turn your C language program into the machine code file in the format required by your target platform (Microchip C32 compiler is included with the Microchip MPLAB download/install)

2. MPLAB installation (tested with MPLab 8.6):

You  can just accept all defaults provided by the complete install option.

To make a more targeted install, select the custom installation option.   At the select features dialog simply accept the default selection (but add in PICKIT2 or ICD3 etc if you will be using one)

After the install is finished.. you are ready to start

3. Mapping the underlying target hardware

4. Mechanism for programming the target hardware with your own firmware

5. Start from scratch or adapt:

If you are developing a network/internet application you will also require (as a starting point):