Whats an embedded web server?

An embedded web server is a combination of hardware & software that allows interaction between web site pages viewable on an internet browser and the physical world

A normal web server’s purpose is to serve up pages, media and applications.  An embedded web server serves pages and media whose purpose is to provide an interface for interaction with the underlying hardware

By allowing this interaction, an embedded web server functions as a network (internet) appliance.

Examples include:

  • View status of sensors (inputs) including
    • Environmental sensors:
      • Light level
      • Thermal
      • Humidity
      • Pressure
      • Switches
      • Infrared sensors
      • Beam sensors
      • Proximity sensors
    • Electrical sensors:
      • Does a connected device have power
      • How much power is a connected device using?
      • Speed sensors
  • Control connected hardware including
    • Switching on / off hardware
      • Lights
      • Valves
      • Locks
      • Motors
      • Audible Alarms
      • Write messages to connected physical displays
      • RC Servos
      • Log data to attached memory, E.g. SDCard
  • Provide other interaction with the real world including:
    • Send an SMS alert
    • Send an Email
    • Interact with other embedded devices
    • Log data with external databases
  • Conditional interaction between any of the above, for example:
    • If  temperature sensor A gets above 25 degrees C, activate cooling fan motor no 1
    • If temperature sensor A gets below 20 degrees C, deactivate cooling fan motor no 1
    • If temperature sensor A gets above 35 degrees C, send SMS alert

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