This section introduces the Plug & Program Products.  Our products are available for purchase Q1 2011.

NetSat1 Modular Embedded Web server

  • Provide a prepackaged functioning modular embedded web server appliance

Plug & Program Mainboards

Plug & Program Modules

  • are accessory boards
  • intended to provide a singular function
  • add modules to a Plug & Program mainboard to create a customised hardware solution
  • comply with Plug & Program Ecosystem


  • enclosures
  • interconnects
  • stepper motors
  • DC motors
  • RC Servos

Initial (Phase 1) Product List (Available Q1 2011)

Product Category Description NetSat1 Appliance Unit price (US$)
PNP-MC32MX64GP Mainboard Main processor board
Y 49.00
PNP-DCPWR1 Module: Utility Regulated Power supply from a DC Jack providing 3.3V, 5V Option1 20.00
PNP-ENVSENSE1 (Partial) Module: Input Environmental Sensor – Light, Temperature Y 12:00
PNP-ENVSENSE1 (Full) Module: Input Environmental Sensor – Light, Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure 45:00
PNP-ETH424 Module (SPI): Input / Output Network Interface Y 20.00
PNP-LCD16X2 Module: Human Interaction Blue LCD Character Display, 16 chars over 2 lines Y 20.00
PNP-LED4L Module – Human Interaction Displays 2 x 4 rows of LED’s Y 7.00
PNP-LED4R Module – Human Interaction Displays 2 x 4 rows of LED’s Y 7.00
PNP-MEMEE512 Module (SPI) – Storage Provides 512KBits (128kBytes) of EEPROM memory storage (25LC512) Y 15.00
PNP-MEMFL32 Module (SPI) – Storage Provides 32MBits (4MBytes) of flash memory storage (SST25VF032B) Y 15.00
PNP-SDFULL Module (SPI) – Storage Provides interface (SPI) to SDCARD’s (Full size) 10.00
PNP-SPI+4B Module (SPI) – Breakout SPI Bus Expander,
Allows 5 SPI type modules to share 2 Mainboard IO Sockets
Y 12.00
PNP-TACT4 Module – Human Interaction Provides 4 tact buttons Y 7.00
PNP-USB2Serial Module – Utility
Module – Input / Output
Power a Plug & Program system via USB
USB to Serial (FT232RL) enables commmunication to a workstation via USB
Option1 25.00
PNP-CASE1-160 Accessory: DeluxeChassis A large clear acrylic enclosure with removable sides Y 40.00
PNP-PCABLE150 Accessory: Power Cable (Red) 150mm Plug & Program power distribution cable 1.00
PNP-PCABLE300 Cable (Red) 300mm Plug & Program power distribution cable 1.50
PNP-DCABLE150 Cable (Black, Silver or White) 150mm Plug & Program IO data cable 1.00
PNP-DCABLE200 Cable (Black, Silver or White) 200mm Plug & Program IO data cable 1.25
PNP-DCABLE300 Cable (Black, Silver or White) 300mm Plug & Program IO data cable 1.50
CABLE–Bundle21 Cable (Black, Silver or White or mixed) 20 assorted PNP-DCABLE150, PNP-DCABLE200, PNP-DCABLE300 and 1 PNP-PCABLE150 Y 25.00

Initial (Phase 2) Product List (Available Q2-3 2011)

Product Category Description Unit price (US$)
PNP-DCMotor Module – Mechatronics Allows direction control of 2 x DC motors (PWM compatible) TBD
PNP-IN5V-1 Module – Prototype Provides buffered 5v tolerant input TBD
PNP-OUT-5V-1 Module – Prototype Provides buffered 5V output TBD
PNP-Proto1 Module – Prototype Provides small unbuffered prototyping PCB TBD
PNP-ProtoBuf1 Module – Prototype Provides prototyping PCB with buffered bidirectional IO Ports TBD
PNP-RCServo8 Module – Mechatronics Provides RC Servo interface (Minimum 8 servo’s) TBD
PNP-Stepper1 Module – Mechatronics Provides stepper motor control TBD
PNP-LCD5110 Module – Human Interaction Provides Nokia 5110 type LCD display TBD
PNP-CASE2 Accessory: Basic Chassis A minimal acrylic enclosure TBD