This page describes the Plug & Program PNP-SPI+4B Serial Peripheral Bus (SPI) hub.


  • SPI bus hub
  • Allows the combination of 1 MC32MX64GP mainboard SPI port & 1 general port to control 5 SPI slave modules (Master pass-through & 4 slave modules)
  • LED’s on board indicate slave SPI Plug & Program activity


  • Master to slave common SPI SCK, SDI, SDO signal lines are disconnected (tristated) from each inactive slave, so only the currently connected slave has a physical connection to the master
  • IO-SPI-In is passed straight through to IO-SPI-Out
  • IO-SPI-In SCK, SDI, SDO lines are also passed through to  IO-Slave1- IO-Slave4
  • IO-SS-In selects between up to 4 different SPI slave devices on IO-Slave1 – IO-Slave4

IO Connectors:

  • Connect to Plug & Program mainboard:
    • IO-SPI In
    • IO-SS In
  • Connect to Plug & Program (SPI type) expansion modules
    • IO-SPI Out
    • IO-Slave1 Out
    • IO-Slave2 Out
    • IO-Slave3 Out
    • IO-Slave4 Out

Plug & Program Resources

  • Schematic
  • PCB
  • BOM

External Resources