This page describes the Plug & Program PNP-MEMEE512 EEPROM memory storage module.

This module provides 512kBits / 64kBytes of EEPROM memory

Used in the Plug & Program NetSat1 Modular Embedded Web server to store configuration information but can be used in other applications for storing webpages or data logging

Quick Look

  • 64KByte data storage module
  • High Reliability:
    • Endurance: 1 Million erase/write cycles
    • Data Retention: >200 years
  • SPI interface


  • Microchip 25LC512 512Kbit serial EEPROM memory with byte-level and page-level serial EEPROM functions
  • Individual byte write allowed (automatic erase built in)
  • Self contained unit, simple industry standard SPI interface to host controller
  • Conforms to the Plug & Program Ecosystem

IO Connectors

  • IO-SPI
    • IO-SPI.1 = SCK
    • IO-SPI.2 = SDO
    • IO-SPI.3 = SDI
    • IO-SPI.4 = CS/SS

Plug & Program Resources

  • Schematic
  • PCB
  • BOM

External Resources