This page describes the Plug & Program PNP-LED4L & PNP-LED4R LED Tristate indicator modules

Quick Look

  • Each PNP-LED4x module provides 4 pairs of LED indicators
  • Each Indicator pair can indicate 3 states
    • Off (Tristate): both LED’s are off
    • Output 1: Yellow (Top) LED is on
    • Output 0: Green (Bottom) LED is on
  • Combining 1 of each module allows 2 bytes to be visually indicated, 1 across the top, 1 across the bottom
    • PNP-LED4L has IO-IN on the left with LEDs numbered from right to left
    • PNP-LED4R has IO-IN on the right with LEDs numbered from right to left

IO Connectors

  • IO-In

Plug & Program Resources

  • Schematic
  • PCB
  • BOM