This page documents the Plug & Program PNP-DCPWR1 power supply module

Quick Look

This module accepts most common DC Jack power supplys (Wall wart or otherwise) to provide a regulated 3.3V, 5V and VSupply

Every Plug & Program hardware solution requires a regulated power supply.  Currently either this PNP-DCPWR1 or PNP-USB2Serial provide this functionality


  • Accepts an input VSupply of 5-18V
  • Input via either common DC Jack or screw terminals
  • 4 power distribution sockets onboard


  • Input polarity protection
  • Output limited to ~750mA via self resetting Polyfuse
  • Provides regulated 3.3V
  • Provides regulated 5V (when VSupply > 6V)
  • All inputs also reverse polarity protected in the event multiple power supply modules present
  • Conforms to the Plug & Program Ecosystem

Plug & Program Resources

  • Schematic

  • PCB
    • 100mmW x 32mmH
    • FR4 2mm
    • 2oz copper
    • Requires mounting on one chassis external edge

  • BOM