NetSat1 Modular Embedded Web server

This page describes the Plug & Program NetSat1 modular PIC32-MX embedded web server package

The NetSat1 is a collection of prepackaged and preconfigured Plug & Program modules that provides a functioning modular embedded web server out of the box.  Just add power and a network connection

Quick Look

  • Modular fully customisable embedded web server, just add power and a network connection
  • Works out of the box with preloaded demonstration website interface, web server firmware application and compatible hardware
  • Customisable:
    • webpages (start with HTML, through to Javascript/AJAX)
    • firmware with free industry standard development tools and the onboard bootloader
    • electronic hardware with either your own designs or expand with a growing family of compatible Plug & Program modules


  • Modular fully customisable embedded web server appliance
    • MC32MX64GP main board with modern PIC32-MX MCU processor
      • Microchip PIC32MX340F512h, 80mHZ 32bits, 512MB program flash, 32kB ram
      • Multiple on chip perhipherals, ie SPI, I2C, Analogue to Digital
      • 12 IO expansion sockets
    • 11 Plug & Program modules including
      • External Flash & EEPROM memory
      • Human interaction, LCD, LED, Tact Buttons
      • Life support/utility
    • Prepackaged, assembled and interconnected ready to run
  • Works out of the box with preloaded demonstration application
    • MC32MX64GP PIC32-MX is preloaded with:
      • demonstration web pages (HTML. Javascript including examples of real time interaction using AJAX techniques)
      • embedded web server firmware including HTTP, SMTP, SNMP, DHCP, DNS, TCP functionality
      • JQuery, JQuery UI (Lightness theme), FLOT
  • Customise
    • the web pages or create your own
      • starting from simple HTML through to full on AJAX techniques for real time applications
      • upload your own webpages to the included external PNP-MEMFL32 flash memory module through your browser
    • the onboard firmware or create your own
      • free development tools including C language compile
      • preloaded Plug & Program ethernet bootloader for reprogramming the MC32MX64GP onboard processor with your own applications
    • and extend the underlying hardware:
      • Growing range of Plug & Program modules
      • Create your own modules, using our prototyping boards or create your own
  • Prepackaged, assembled and interconnected ready to run
    • 20 Plug & Program Ecosystem compatible IO cables
    • 1 Plug & Program Ecosystem compatible power distribution cable
    • All supplied modules interconnected
    • Deluxe chassis with room available


The NETSAT1 MC32MX64GP main board preloaded firmware includes a functional web server.  Connected to your network via the included PNP-ETH424 network hardware module and you can access the NetSat1 from any browser.   The NetSat1 will display the preloaded website stored on the included PNP-MEMFL32 flash memory hardware module

Whats included

Product Category Description
PNP-MC32MX64GP Main board Main processor board
PNP-DCPWR1 Module: Utility Regulated Power supply from a DC Jack providing 3.3V, 5V
PNP-ETH424 Module (SPI): Input / Output Network Interface
PNP-LCD16X2 Module: Human Interaction Blue LCD Character Display, 16 chars over 2 lines
PNP-LED4L Module – Human Interaction Displays 2 x 4 rows of LED’s
PNP-LED4R Module – Human Interaction Displays 2 x 4 rows of LED’s
PNP-MEMEE512 Module (SPI) – Storage Provides 512KBits (128kBytes) of EEPROM memory storage
PNP-MEMFL32 Module (SPI) – Storage Provides 32MBits (4MBytes) of flash memory storage
PNP-SPI+4B Module (SPI) – Breakout SPI Bus Expander,
Allows 5 SPI type modules to share 2 Mainboard IO Sockets
PNP-TACT4 Module – Human Interaction Provides 4 tact buttons
PNP-CASE1-160 Deluxe Chassis A large clear acrylic enclosure with removable sides
CABLE–Bundle21 Cable (Black, Silver or White or mixed) 20 assorted PNP-DCABLE150, PNP-DCABLE200, PNP-DCABLE300 and 1 PNP-PCABLE150

Whats not included

Due to the different mains plugs and voltages worldwide Plug & Program customers must supply their own DC Power supply.   Any typical mains wall wart power supply is compatible.  The DC Jack on the PNP-DCPWR1 is sized to accommodate most wall wart power supply units