MC32MX64GP Mainboard

This page describes the Plug & Program MC32MX64GP (General Purpose) programmable main board.

The Plug & Program MC32MX64GP is a powerful embedded PIC32-MX MCU development board suitable for students, hobbyists and rapid product prototyping.

Quick Look

  • The motherboard of a Plug & Program system
  • Self contained PIC32-MX MCU including CPU, Flash ROM & Ram
  • 12 expansion sockets for connecting a growing family of Plug & Program compatible modules
  • No hardware configuration required, no jumpers
  • Plug & Program ethernet bootloader & demonstration web server application preloaded (requires 1 PNP-ETH424 module)


  • MCU: Microchip PIC32MX340F512H MCU 32 bit 80 Mips processor with 512KB of program flash and 32KB ram
  • On board ICSP compatible RJ jack
  • 1 x onboard LED & Tact switch inboard available to user functions (Tied to RD6)
  • Conforms to the Plug & Program Ecosystem
    • All Input/Output connections short circuit protected
    • All Input/Output connections have additional Electro Static Discharge protection
  • Free tools for customising or creating your own firmware
  • Microchip MPLAB IDE & C32 compiler (or Eclipse IDE and Microchip C32 compiler)
  • Microchip Application Libraries
  • Datasheets, application notes and examples, support forum and more
  • Firmware updateable by either:
    • Microchip standard ICSP port
    • Ethernet bootloader preinstalled for downloading replacement firmware (Requires a Plug & Program PNP-ETH424 module)

External Connectors

  • 1 x Plug And Program Ecosystem Power socket
  • 1 x Microchip standard ICSP programming socket
  • 12 x Plug And Program Ecosystem compatible IO expansion sockets (IO1-IO12)
  • Each IO socket includes 4 distinct MCU data lines
  • Each IO socket supplies 3.3V to any connected module
  • 48 distinct MCU data lines in total available externally
  • Sensible, standardised grouping of PIC340F512H Peripheral pins (e.g. SPI, USART, I2C) across IO1-IO12

Plug & Program Resources

  • Schematic

  • PCB

  • BOM
  • Pin mapping of PIC32MX340F512H to MC32MX64GP IO1-12

External Resources