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modular embedded web server & rapid development system

Our products are available for purchase late 2011

Introducing the NetSat1 Modular Embedded Web server

Experiment..  Learn..  Customise..  Expand..

the embedded web server interface website

  • start with basic HTML knowledge and progress to building a dynamic, live interface to interact with the real world through a browser
  • upload your website interface to the included flash memory via the browser
  • use the interface to read real world conditions via switches and sensors including temperature and humidity reading underlying values via XML and JSON
  • use the interface to control real world objects like LEDs, lights,  message displays and motors
  • comprehensive examples preloaded
  • progress to css, javascript/ajax for rich and real time interaction
  • JQuery & JQuery UI, JQuery FLOT preloaded
  • expand the capabilities with a growing range of Plug & Program modules

the underlying embedded web server application

  • use industry standard c programming to customise any aspect of the underlying firmware or create your own
  • free development tools from IDE through to compiler
  • preloaded ethernet bootloader to upload your own firmware, no additional programmer required

the underlying physical electronic hardware

  • expand the capabilities with a growing range of Plug & Program hardware modules
  • create your own electronic modules or modify ours
  • Plug & Program ecosystem rules define electromechanical characteristics for robust interconnection and protection