Plug & Program Ecosystem

This page introduces the common attributes that modules must conform to to be compatible with the PlugAndProgram Ecosystem.


The PlugAndProgram Ecosystem comprises a set of design rules that ensure all PlugAndProgram modules are physically and electrically compatible with each other.

Rules fall into these categories:

  • Circuit protection rules
    • Ensures PlugAndProgram mainboards / modules are robust and resilient to protect against
      • Short circuits
      • Electrostatic discharge protection
      • Power supply module protection
  • IO and Power socket interconnection mapping
    • Define the interconnection standards that ensure compatibility and interoperability between PlugAndProgram hardware modules
      • common pin assignments for IO sockets (General use)
      • common pin assignments for IO sockets (Processor Peripheral specific ie SPI)
      • common pin assignments for power distribution
  • Power Distribution/grounding rules
    • Ensure PlugAndProgram products are robust and resilient to protect against
      • Power supply short circuit
      • interference between modules
      • high drain / surge / modules (Servo’s, Stepper motors, Solenoids etc)
  • Physical:
    • define the mechanical standards
    • ensure all modules have a physical conformity for compatibility for both
      • mounting
      • interconnection
      • visual conformity