This page describes the Ethernet Bootloader supplied preloaded on every Plug & Program mainboard


The bootloader allows customers to update the firmware on a Plug & Program mainboard without needing a Microchip ICSP compatible programming device (PICKIt 2,3 ICD 3 etc).

The firmware might be the latest Plug & Program default application or might be your own.

The Plug & Program Ethernet Bootloader is supplied by Brush Electronics .

Preparing your hardware

The only hardware required is a Plug & Program ethernet module connected to a MC32MX64GP mainboard and a power supply module (PNP-DCPWR1 or PNP-USB2Serial).

Interconnects: MC32MX64GP.IO1 -> PNP-ETH424.IO-SPI

An alternative compatible connection scenario is a connected to a Plug & Program PNP-SPI+4B which in turn is connected to a MC32MX64GP mainboard (and a power supply module)

Interconnects:  MC32MX64GP.IO1 -> PNP-SPI+4B.IO-SPI-In, PNP-SPI+4B.IO-SPI-Out -> PNP-ETH424.IO-SPI

Any other inter module connections are ignored.

Additionally don’t forget to connect the Network jack to your network.

Preparing your custom firmware

You will need to setup your

Program the MC32MX64GP with your firmware

  • Start the supplied bootloader application on your PC.
  • Enter the hardware LIA code as printed on your Plug & Program module network jack.  eg: ’7E52′ into the LIA box on the bootloader.
  • Click ‘Capture target’
  • Power off/on or reset your MC32MX64GP mainboard.
  • On power up / reset the bootloader will start first.  It will be captured by the PC bootloader application.
  • Use the PC bootloader application to select the new firmware .hex file and click program.
  • Once programming is finished, click ‘Reset LIA’ to restart your MC32MX64GP mainboard