Ethernet bootloader procdefs file

This page documents what’s required to compile your custom firmware project for uploading to the Plug & Program MC32MX64GP mainboard using our supplied ethernet bootloader.


  1. Microchip MPLab installed with C32 compiler
  2. Project folder exists


  1. Include linker file in the project directory
  2. Compile your project

Why is this needed:

  • When creating your own firmware project to download to the Plug & Program MC32MX64GP mainboard using the supplied bootloader, the compiler must be told where to put your compiled project in the PIC32MX340F512 program flash ROM so that it is compatible with the bootloader.  This is the function of a linker file.
  • This linker file is different from the standard PIC32-MX linker file
  • Any linker file called procdefs.ld in your project directory will be included automatically when you compile your project overriding the default linker file for your selected PIC32-MX MCU